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ProTee VX

ProTee manufacture one of the most advanced and comprehensive

hi-speed camera golf simulator tracking systems on the market today

Currently the world's most advanced hi-speed tracking system


Priced from $6,499, these ceiling mounted hi-speed camera systems have a significant price advantage over its main competitors

(namely Uneekor EYE XO $10,000, GC Hawk $19,500, and TruGolf's APOGEE $11,500)

while matching (or even exceeding) features and performance.

Not least of which is the ability to measure ball spin and club data without the requirement to use special ball and club markings.

To the best of our knowledge, only the TruGolf APOGEE (priced at $11,500) can do this.

ProTee United’s new VX Launch Monitor perfectly balances high tech and simplicity.

Its slick design and high accuracy make it the ideal launch monitor for your home.

The most anticipated ceiling launch monitor right now, with a wide variety of great features.

The cutting-edge device has been designed to give you an immersive experience while also being very simple to use.

With our Simple mounting and calibration process, you can have the VX up and ready in minutes!

Once playing, you get to experience golf in your home without the need for specially marked balls or clubs so you can play entirely with your own equipment.

The VX offers all this and so much more for an affordable price to ensure it is accessible to people of all budgets!

ProTee Labs Software

Improve your swing with ProTee Labs! A perpetual license of ProTee Labs is included with your purchase.

It includes features such as fully customisable panels, high-quality playback videos and a 4K Range.

The clear layout allows you to see your data instantly after each shot, in a clear and organised manner designed to best suit your golfing needs.

Start improving your swing right out of the box without the need for additional software.

Data Points

Ball Data:

Ball Speed, Back Spin, Side Spin, Total Spin, Spin Axis, Launch Direction, Launch Angle.

Club Data:

Club Speed, Club Path, Club Face Angle, Club Face to Path, Attack Angle, Dynamic Loft, Club Lie Angle, Impact Point Vertical & Horizontal.

Flight Data:

Flight Path, Apex Height, Apex Time, Total Distance, Carry Distance, Off Line, Air Time, Run, Descent Angle.

Instant Reaction A.I.

(Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning powered smart shot analysis detection and processing software measures

and projects all your data in less than a second, giving you an almost instant reaction to each shot.

Right and Left handed

The VX System works with both right and left handed players without having to recalibrate or reconfigure the launch monitor.

Easy Setup

With our easy mounting and calibration system, setting up the VX is effortless so you can start hitting golf balls in minutes.

Hitting Area

The hitting area can be configured. The maximum size is 65cm x 55cm / 25" x 21" (Length x Width).

No requirement to use ball or club markings!


with Free shipping!


Unboxing the ProTee VX

Installing the ProTee VX

All ProTee Launch Monitors run with TGC Golf Simulator game software

Click on above image top read more about TGC software

Click on above image top read more about TGC software

Click on above image top read more about TGC software

Compatible Software

(sold seperately)

TGC, TGC 2019, ProTee Play, E6 Connect & GSPro. More will follow soon


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GSA Golf Business news

January 3 4:52 pm

Is the new ProTee VX the new No. 1 hi-end tracking system?

Well, it sure looks like they will be - if not already are - No. 1

Priced from just $6,499, these ceiling mounted hi-speed camera systems have a significant price advantage over its main competitors

(namely Uneekor EYE XO $10,000, GC Hawk $19,500, and TruGolf's APOGEE $11,500)

while matching (or even exceeding) features and performance of these competitors.

Dennis (owner of ProTee and my ex partner from over 20 years ago when we both just got started back in Europe) always said "World domination".

Took a while, but looks like his dream is coming true now with this system.

Frankly, I don't know how the main competitors will be able to cope in the face of such competition.

And smaller competitors like the Wiz systems (selling in the $4500 range) may even find this competition existence threatening.

As for me, with my VisTrak systems selling in the $2000 range, I'm not particularly bothered at the moment as not everyone has $6500 to spend.

Plus, as GSA Golf is an official reseller of ProTee systems, I don't really mind what system my customers purchase.

i.e. ProTee or Vistrak? Either way is good for me.

Anyway, hats off to you Dennis. You beat me on that one, that's for sure.

Independant review 12-02-2023

from GSF member "Bubba22"

I recently purchased the Protee VX and I am very impressed.

Here is a review from setup to testing against the GC3, Eye Mini and Mevo plus. The Protee VX is the real deal.

Purchase was seamless. Shipping was fast and well packaged. Setup was easy.

It needs to be setup about 3 1/2 feet in front of your hitting area. It will work with lower ceilings but your hitting area will be slightly smaller.

The package comes with screws and drywall plugs that make it easy to mount and click in the unit.

Calibration is dead easy with a calibration board and Protee Labs software.

The unit needs power and connects with a CAT 6 cord that can be plugged into your computer directly or through the CAT6 - USB adapter to a USB port.

The USB connection is nice as it frees up your CAT 6 for internet connection if needed. Protee Labs is the main connection software.

It has a nice range that shows all the ball and club numbers.

At this point you get all ball numbers and club numbers including club speed, smash factor, face, path, face to path, angle of attack, face contact etc.

Lie angle will soon come from what I hear.

ProteeLabs will also allow for the connection to 3 rd party software like TGC2019, GSPro, E6 etc. It works great.

They are constantly upgrading it to include storage and retrieval of club averages etc. Much more to come.

The swing video from overhead in Protee labs is very clear and amazing!

You can actually see where you are striking the ball and the science of gear effect as your club opens or closes depending on area of strike. Fantastic for practice.

The unit uses 2 cameras with infrared to read the ball and club with the use of AI to better gain accuracy.

When I use the VX by itself I feel it is very accurate. I am able to shot shape with all clubs and I am seeing my general tendencies when practicing or playing.

One of the issues with comparing the Protee VX data with another camera based unit like GC3 or Eye Mini is the possibility of interference.

I did try to compare VX with these other units. For what it's worth, here is what I found with my comparisons. I compared 5 shots using P wedge, 7 iron, 3 hybrid and driver.

I am only giving you a general summary of what I found. Protee VX vs GC3 --- In general the ball numbers (speed, spin, spin axis, vertical/horizontal launch and carry) were very close.

An occasional odd spin on the VX would occur which I chalk up to interference.

Overall the VX does very well compared to the GC3. The carry, spin and spin axis was very close and I would certainly trust both units.

Protee VX vs Eye Mini --- Ball data again was very similar.

I find the Protee club data better than the Eye Mini which I think is somewhat off at times.

I would trust the club data of the VX over the Mini. Overall the ball data of both were similar.

Carry, spin and spin axis were great for both. Protee VX vs Flightscope Mevo Plus ---

In this setup I used the RCT balls and was 10 feet to screen. There was no interference in either unit.

The data was very close with ball and club.

With the driver I would sometimes see opposite spin data from the VX than Mevo plus.

The VX spin data was certainly more believable in those cases.

I have always questioned the spin axis on the Mevo plus indoors with drivers given that the unit doesn't measure spin axis.

The VX actually measures spin axis and in those shots you can see the spin axis in the swing video.

Pictures don't lie.

In any event, the numbers on the VX are very good and comparable with the Mevo plus.

Overall I am very impressed with the Protee VX.

It is great for the price and the fact you have no subscription cost.

They have a very nice unit that is loaded with technology. It is being updated and they are adding new features which is very encouraging.

The unit is a good unit for those that want an indoor setup, righties and lefties and have limited space.

Once setup it takes seconds to get connected and start hitting balls.

Overall impressed!!

Pictures don't lie ?

What Bubba and many others like Cory at ParToPro often forget when they make statements like "The Pictures don't lie" is that,

while the pictures don't lie,

the image detection processing sure can. Big time too!

Yes, you can see the real club face angle and club path and the real ball spin in the shot video playback, but did the image processing actually detect this from the images?

In contrast to most other systems on the market, GSA Golf's image processing actually shows - with cross hair markings - where the detection was made.

Thus, users can see that the image processing and detection was correct and matches the images.

In my opinion, I think statements like "The pictures don't lie" to be somewhat misleading and serve more as a kind of hype sales pitch.

ProTee VX vs VisTrak SCX


No doubt many readers of this web-site will be asking "so what are the pros and cons of the VisTrak SCX compared to the ProTee VX ?"

As the developer of the SCX system, I will still try to be as unbiased as possible with this short pros and cons summary here.

Point 1: Price

Straight off the bat, the first thing that stands out is the massive price difference between the VX and the SCX.

i.e. the VX at $6,400 is over 3 times the price of the SCX at $1,999.

For those on a tighter budget, this could be a deciding factor.

Point 2: Ball speed, VLA and HLA accuracy

We've got this nailed nicely with the VisTrak EV system (i.e. it's spot on) but the SCX is tad off at the moment.

Current disparity mapping development should fix this soon though.

So, currently, the VX is probably more accurate.

Point 3: Club face angle, path and speed

As long as the setup is correct, the SCX's club data detection is just as accurate as the VX's

Point 4: Spin detection accuracy

Again, we've got this nailed nicely with the VisTrak EV system (i.e. it's spot on) but the SCX is somewhat off at the moment.

Both the SCX and the VX use the ball's logo to determine ball back and side spin, so there shouldn't be a big difference..

Until we can confirm the SCX ball spin accuracy, we'll assume the VX is far more accurate.

Point 5: Image clarity

On the whole, ball and club image clarity is better with the VX compared with the statndard lens SCX.

SCX images using the standard 12mm IR Lens tend to appear a bit more blurry in comparison.

However, this is mainly due to the default SCX exposure time being too long and insufficient lighting with the use of IR Lenses.

If the user defined exposure time on the SCX is reduced to under 150 micro seconds, the motion blur is significantly reduced and thus the images are clearer.

Point 6: Camera FOV

The SCX's FOV with 12mm lenses is significantly smaller than that of the VX.

Uses are thus having to place the ball within a smaller area on the hitting mat

However, the SCX can be fitted with 8mm lenses which will double the FOV

Point 7: Ease of installation and complexity

The VX has the upper hand on this. The SCX requires quite a bit more time to setup

Point 8: Weight

Compared to the SCX (a real light weight here, weighing in at just 4 lbs) the VX appears to be pretty heavy ( not sure exactly what it is, but I was told upwards of 30 lbs).

Point 9: Looks.

While the VX comes in nice looking case, the standard SCX is just a track.

Still looks pretty good though with its bright green or blue "ball detected and system ready" LED strip light.

Note that the SCX is also available with a frame case for an additional $700.

Point 10: Ball launch lag time.

The VX is amazingly fast with little to no lag time between ball strike and ball launch in the system.

The SCX (with an approximate 1.5 second lag time) is about the same as a Trackman in this area.

See the $20,000 Trackman ball launch lag time in the above video.

BTW I think a small lag time is good thing because you then have time to look up and see how the ball launches from ground.

Otherwise, by the time you look up, the ball is already half-way down the fairway.

Point 11: Versatility.

The SCX has the upper-hand here because the cameras are accessible and can be re-mounted into different configurations.

For example you can re-mount one SCX camera to the center of the ceiling and the other at floor level

so that the camera views the ball from the side (showing attack angle) as well as from above.

Point 12: Color option

The SCX can run with color cameras, whereas - to the best of our knowledge at least - the VX only features monochrome cameras


Point 13: Camera frame rate

The SCX can run both cameras at full 1500 fps. Not sure what the frame rate is for the VX but I assume it's similar or higher

Point 14: Camera resolution

The SCX cameras have a max resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.

Not sure what the resolution of the VX cameras are but it is assumed they are far higher. At least 1280 x 1024 or even more.

Point 15: Lighting

The standard SCX comes with 4 500k LED visible light track lights.

The SCX cased version comes with with 2 24 IR LED lights in addition to the 4 track lights

To the best of our knowledge, the VX features 2 very high power IR LED lights.

The VX IR lights seem to be far more powerful than the SCX IR lights (either that or the VX cameras are more sensitive to IR light than the SCX cameras).

Point 16: Cabling

While the VX only requires 1 Cat cable to be connected to the PC

the SCX requires 2 USB3 cables (36ft with supplied power adapters)

Bottom line:

The VX beats the SCX on most points here (at least at present anyway) except the price.

So, if you're looking for the best and can afford the price, then the ProTee VX is the hands down winner.

On the other hand, if price is an issue, then nothing on the market today beats the SCX

for an overhead mounted hi-speed camera system in the $2,000 range.

In fact, the SCX is the only hi-speed overhead camera tracking system in this price range.

No one else even comes close!


Hope this small summary helps in your decision.


Contact me - Martin - for further details

Tel: 239 529 3060




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