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Padded grass turf flooring by the roll

Padded grass turf. Color: OliveGreen/Pine 3/4" thick

15ft * 20ft Price $1,799

15ft * 15ft Price $1,599

15ft * 12ft Price $1,399

Please note: The products on this page are only available for this prices listed for US resident customers only.

Contact us if you are outside the US for a shipping quote for this product.

Stance mats


4ft * 4ft - $499 - free shipping

4ft * 5ft - $540 - free shipping

5ft * 5ft - $560- free shipping

Stance and hitting mat

The Practice Tee Elite Golf Mat - Poly is a great option for golf facilities and individuals looking for a high end polypropylene mat.

Constructed with texturized polypropylene yarn (125 oz face weight)

and provides a lush feel allowing you to swing down and through from the turf.

Mat comes with a heavy duty 3/8 foam pad which can be applied to any surface including concreate.

The pad will not absorb water, so it can be used indoors and outdoors.

Use your own tee from any height and position you choose .

$ 699

Carls hitting mats

4' X 5' hitting and stance mat

$ 699

4' X 9' hitting and stance mat

$ 839

Fiberbuilt Golf mat systems

with interlocking foundations

Raised platform turf flooring

Click above to read more

Studio dual 4' x 4' stance mat and fairway grass panels with interlocking foundation

$ 1,449.99

Tee Box Stance and hitting mat with rubber foundation 4' x 4'

$ 559.00

Single stance mat and fairway grass panels with the rubber foundation 5' x 4'

$ 1,199

Single stance mat and fairway grass panels with the rubber foundation 7' X 4'

$ 1,249.00

$ 1,949.00

$ 2,999.00

$ 4,499.00


Grass fiber panels

12" * 12" fiber grass panels

Price $ 100.00 each 

All 3 panels - 2 x fairway + Sand - Price $ 300.00

Note: Currently out of stock


Warning! International customers!

Please note: The products on this page are only available for this prices listed for US resident customers only.

Contact us if you are outside the US for a shipping quote for this product.

If you're an international customer and ignore this warning and still click the "Buy Now" button to process the transaction

then the product will not be shipped and a 10% refund charge will be applied.


Stance mat flooring

Recommended flooring layouts when using our 4ft square 1 1/4 inch thick stance mats

16 panel flooring : $ 3,499

12 panel flooring : $ 2,799

9 panel flooring : $ 2,199

Raised flooring

If you want the grass hitting mat panels to be flush (i.e. at the same height) as the turf grass flooring

then there are two methods:

1. Either the area around the hitting surfaces or the entire flooring has to be raised

2. Use stance mats and rubber bases next to the hitting surfaces


Stance mats are usually only around 5/8" to 1 1/4 " so so additional rubber base mats will be required to raise the stance mat

to the height of the hitting mats or trigger arrays

Foam interlocking tiles

10' x 10' panel flooring (25 panels)

each tile 24" x 24" X 0.5"

$ 399

Rubber interlocking tiles

3ft x 3ft x 5/8"

3ft x 3ft x 5/8"

$49.00 each

Raised wood flooring

The height of your flooring is determined by the height of the underlying framing.

Standard heights will be 2 to 4 inches using either 2x4 or 4x4 underlying framing.

Depending on the desired width of the finished wood edging, either single or double underlying framing will be required for the edging.

The Brazilian Walnut underlying frames should be screwed directly into the foundation flooring

and the top finish wood is adhered to the framing using strong wood adhesive.

Contact us with your required dimensions

Buy all materials - 8 x 4ft x 8ft plywood panels, 30 x framing 2x4 lumber and 2x4 walnut framing,

finished wood top edging 6 x 8" deep x 8ft

for the platform raised flooring up to 16ft wide - 16 ft deep.

Delivered to your door per freight

$ 2,499


Floor hitting mat cut-outs

The raised flooring will require cut-outs for the hitting grass surfaces

All grass panels are 12" X 12".

The usual cut-out will be 12" X 48" for

two fairway panels, one rough and one sand panel.

Use an electric jig saw to make the cut-outs.

Mark the cut-out area and drill holes in each corner that are big enough to except the jaw blade.

Later the carpet can be cut for the area with a carpet knife.

DIY 1x3 or 2x4 wood frames with plywood or chipboard panels to raise floor 1.5 to 2.5 inches

Note that the underlying wood frames are not required if the desired raised height is less than one inch.

One inch or so increase in height is usually sufficient for most hitting mats like our trigger mat

Chip or particle board can also be used.

When using the Studio stance mat system, there is no need to raise the flooring so high.

Simply lay down and adhere 0.7" thick chipboard 8'x4' panels over the entire enclosure flooring area.

Lay down and adhere the padded turf carpet top the chipboard.

Use the rounded edge landing board to finish off the edging.

Lay down the Studio mat platform, stance mats and fairway grass panels

Buy all wood panels and lumber for the 16ft x 16ft raised flooring

Price : $ 648

(Note: additional shipping charges on the above may have to be applied if address is not near a lumber supplier)

If the panels or joyces are being secured directly into concrete

see the above video to see how to screw into concrete

Adhere padded grass carpeting to the flooring using either double sided carpet tape or glue

Stance mat systems


Building a stance mat platform

This is a simple way of building a high profile - 3 inch high or more - stance mat platform.

Using 2 or more rubber foundation mats ($95 each) to build up to the height your require, place the stance mat(s) on top

and make a holding frame using 2x4 or 2x3 lumber and optionally top off with round carpet transition trim.

1 inch thick solid wood stance mat frame - tread coated with stain and semi-gloss finish.

$ 299.00

How to adhere stance mats to underlying surface

Use either carpet glue or double sided carpet tape to adhere stance mats to the underlying grass carpet

Hitting mat grass panel surfaces

All F series golf simulators include fairway grass hitting panels.

A sand panel is also available.

Note that when playing the ball from these other surfaces (i.e. sand or greens) then club tracking will not function

as the VisTrak camera's FOV is limited

Wood flooring transition trim

All F Series simulators and Studio enclosures include Gloss Oak style wood transition trim

How to make the hitting mat cutout in the turf grass carpet

Raised flooring or stance mats will be required to bring the stance height up to the same level as the fitting mat grass fibers.


Golf Bays Simulator enclosures from $ 1,999.00

(click above to read more...)


Non reflective black carpeting suitable for enclosure walls and floor  

A recommended carpet is : Beaullieu of America - Type: Dayside Ebony, Product 6670-890 which is available at your local Home Depot store at around $4.00 a per ft 6ft wide.

-- -



VisTrak hi-speed camera Launch Monitors from $ 1,699.00

Click above images to


This ceiling mounted, camera based system accurately measures club and ball data

without the need for specialty balls or marked clubs !

Click above images to


International customers - Outside the US - Please note!

Please note: GSA Golf is not responsible for any import customs duties or brokerage fees that may be due for your order when arriving at the border.

All such customs duties and brokerage fees must be paid by the recipient.

There is also an additional $100 to $300 shipping charge

(depending on your country and weight of the product) for any product exported outside the US.



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