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KX Launch monitors

For those that prefer a portable system rather than it be fixed mounted on the ceiling,

the KX system others a viable alternative.

Featuring the VisTrak high speed (3000 fps ! ) club and ball tracking cameras

Data captured with every swing:

Ball launch angle, ball speed, ball azimuth (ball path), ball spin rate,

club speed, club face and club path

Featuring hi-speed dual 1500 fps cameras for both club and ball tracking with shot playback videos

Functions for both LH and RH players.

Just rotate unit on its wheels to switch from RH to LH and vice-versa

The KX runs both cameras on one PC

Height 46"

$ 3,599

Note: PC and Monitor not included

Data captured: ball spin, ball speed, ball path, club speed, club path, club face angle.

KX with 27 inch Vesa monitor

$ 3,899

Click above to watch a selection of setup and intro videos

Note that all videos were produced with the KX system

Featuring 1500 fps SSi Super Speed Inovation cameras

Thus the dual cameras are capturing an amazing 3000 fps

The KX can be used with a projector and impact screen for use as a golf simulator

or used as a stand-alone unit with the player viewing the game on the monitor

For those that don't want - or can't setup - a full golf simulator enclosure with projector and impact screen

the KX can be used as a stand-alone system using a net and viewing the game and shot analysis on the monitor

The KX used in a full golf simulator enclosure

Advantages of the KX over regular ceiling mounted systems

Suitable KX environments

In the home

On Driving ranges

You can use the KX in the home, office, garage or in a covered driving range.

The KX features dual swing playback videos after every shot

The dual powerful IR LED panels in the KX produces bright images of clubs and balls in the swing video playback.

Dual camera angle 32 frame shot videos

The VisTrak EV, LX2 and KX systems are the only systems on the market

that feature dual 32 frame shot videos from both the top and side view cameras after every shot.

The KX captures two full 32 frame videos of the swing after every shot

1. from the top camera


2. from the lower side view camera

The lower cam 32 frame shot video will show how the ball was struck by the club as viewed from the side in slow motion.

The Vcam video shows club angle of attack and where the club made contact with the ball. i.e. fat, thin or ideal.

The KX2 also captures club face angle, club path and speed

KX ball spin detection using the ball logo

If using regular balls with a ball logo, ball spin is measured from the ball logo.

Club detection without markings on clubs

The new ACD software detects club data without markings

Optional Club markings

One or two white strips can be applied to the leading edge of irons and the top edge of woods

in order for the system to detect more precise club face angle, speed and path.

However, the system will also function with regular clubs without these markings.

System is supplied with a set of white strips

Optional extra Game software

Game software options




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GSA Golf VisTrak cameras function with all the above golf simulator course software

E6 Connect

Each VisTrak KX system comes with an E6 Connect

18 hole golf course and driving range trial software package

Add the E6 Connect for a one year subscription fee of $399

Add the TGC 2019 software for just $999 extra


VisTrak LX2

An alternative to the KX is the LX2

It's essentialy the same except without the monitor stand

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Technical Support

Email and remote access support is available for all original purchasers of GSA Golf systems.

Remote access support can be purchased separately.

Click above images for more information.

Monitor stands

If you'd just like to purchase the monitor stand only