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VisTrak with E6 Connect video


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E6 Connect

add-on to GSA Golf systems - 27 courses

our price

$ 1,999.00

Regular price : $ 2,700

Please note: The GSA Golf version of E6 Connect is only licensed to function with GSA Golf products

i.e. it will not function with any other tracking systems


or $300 per annuum

E6 Connect Trial

1 18 hole course + Driving Range

18 hole golf course and driving range software package

* Note that the free E6 Connect 18 hole course and driving range trial software is limited for only as long as E6golf allow.

price $ 0.00

Select GSA Golf in the Settings / Simulator options


Select E6 CONNECT in the GSA Golf Control Panel's main window



GSA Golf Control Panel

E6 Connect can be played with the Control Panel via either a mouse or manual launch parameter setup for evaluation.

Click the above image to purchase the GSA Golf Control Panel software

How to play E6 Connect with the GSA Golf Control Panel (CP)


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