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Please note: GSA Golf is no longer supplying PC's and projectors

You can purchase all the below PC's and Projectors directly on Amazon

GSA Golf recommended PCs

Lenovo gaming PC

with GTX 1080 graphics card, Core i7, 8GB RAM, 1TB HHD and 256GB SSD and Windows 10

GSA Golf i7 Lenovo PC

Note: the Lenovo PC is not always available. In which case we buy the latest HP Omen with the same or higher specs

24 inch touch screen monitor and stands are available on Amazon


Dell or ViewSonic 24 inch optical sensor touch screen monitor plus 400 watt speaker system

New Lenovo Legion

This is a really great hi-end gaming laptop for the price - featuring 4 USB3 ports !

Functions with all our camera systems and game software (i.e. E6 and TGC)

Purchase on Amazon

Optional extra tower Hi-Fi speaker audio system

Purchase on Amazon


Metal Monitor stand with keyboard and mouse platform

Some small drilling and Assembly required

Price : $ 799.00


Framed Metal/Acrylic plate touch-screen Monitor stand for use with virtual screen keyboard

Price : $ 899.00  

Click on the above images to read more about PC Kiosk style Monitor stands

The GSA Golf Control panel can be installed on multiple PC's and monitors so that you can view all data simultaneously

Click the above button to read more about multiple PC setups


The GSA Golf Control panel can be installed on multiple PC's and monitors so that you can view all data simultaneously

GSA Golf Slave PCs

Slave PC's are used to control CTS club tracking systems and Bcam ball spin detection systems

GSA Golf add-on slave mini PC's with 23" monitor and PC link cable to the Master PC

Laptop slave PC

Price: $ 499.00

Purchase on Amazon

Golf Simulator Projectors


If you don't have sufficient ceiling height for a medium to long throw projector,

then your head and/or body will block or interfere with the projected image.

In this case, use a short throw projector that can be mounted ahead of the player,

i.e. around 7 to 8ft from the screen

instead of 14ft plus from the screen

Recommended bright short throw golf simulator projectors

Short throw projectors are mounted 6 to 7.5 ft from the screen

Available on Amazon for around $900

Hi-end Laser short throw projector

Purchase on Amazon

Don't forget to order the projector ceiling mount too

Available on Amazon for around $30

Recommended medium throw distance projector

Medium throw projectors are mounted 13 to 22 ft from the screen

Purchase on Amazon




Purchase on Amazon

How to calculate the distance your projector should be mounted from the screen

Projectors have a so called "Throw Distance ratio" rating

and you can use this to calculate the distance the projector is to be mounted from the screen in order to fill the screen with the projected image.

The basic formula is:

Throw distance ratio X width of screen in inches = distance from screen to projector lens


The Optoma EH200ST short throw projector has a "Throw Distance ratio" of 0.5:1

If your screen is 12ft wide (=144 inches) then the distance the projector should be mounted is:

0.5 X 144 = 72 inches or 6ft

If your screen is 15ft wide (=180 inches) then the distance the projector should be mounted is:

0.5 X 180 = 90 inches or 7.5 ft

The ViewSonic medium throw projector has a "Throw Distance ratio" of 1.15:1 to 1.5:1

If your screen is 12ft wide (=144 inches) then the distance the projector should be mounted is:

1.15 X 144 = 165 inches or 13.8ft / or 1.5 X 144 = 216 inches or 18ft

If your screen is 15ft wide (=180 inches) then the distance the projector should be mounted is:

1.15 X 180 = 207 inches or 17.25ft / or 1.5 X 180 = 270 inches or 22 ft

Aspect ratios

Most projectors can do at least 16:9 aspect ratios these days

Screen size chart

Use this screen size calculator to calculate your desired screen size

Using 3 projectors a super curved wide screen can be obtained

Multiple screens

HD Resolution

HD 1920 x 1080 resolution meets most peoples demands for golf simulators

Ultra HD Resolution

If higher resolution is desired then a 4K projector would be required

4K Ultra HD projectors have a resolution of 3840 pixels 2160 lines (8.3 megapixels, aspect ratio 16:9)

Purchase on Amazon

There are two types of 4K projectors available : Native 4K and 4K Enhanced

4K Enhanced projectors like the above Epson 5050UB are quite a bit more expensive than the standard HD projectors but still relatively affordable

True native 4K projectors

True native 4K projectors are very expensive

The above is the budget model from Sony with just 1500 Lumens

3000 Lumens Native 4K projectors cost serious money

"I particularly like the free shipping deal on the above projector from Amazon. I'm almost sold"

Useful YouTube videos explaining HD resolution

720p vs 1080p

4k vs 1080p


Both E6 and TGC software run at 4K levels

HDMI cables and splitter boxes

Most PC graphics cards will only have 1 HDMI output connector so you'll have to add an HDMI 1 in : 2 out splitter box in order to run both the PC monitor and the projector

Available on Amazon for around $20

You'll also need two HDMI cables. 1 short one to feed to PC monitor and 1 long one to feed the projector

Also available on Amazon for around $20

Connecting the projector to the PC

Click on the above image to see a video on how to connect a projector to a PC and setup windows to send video signals to it.

Note that the video shows a VGA cable connection but you will be using an HDMI cable.

Golf Simulator Impact screens on a track

If you need to use your golf simulator room for other uses and don't want a fixed impact screen

then try our impact screens on a track.

Just slide away when not in use.

Just $199 extra over the our standard screen prices

How to connect a "Cheetah" ball joint projector mount

to a EH200ST projector

The EH200ST projector has only 3 mounting positions that are quite close together.

To use the "Cheetah" ball joint projector mount with this projector simply reverse one of the mount arms and screw onto the projector as shown below.

Then slide and fasten the arm back on to the Cheetah mount and screw the remaining 2 arms to the projector.

The 4th arm can be removed.

Extended Projector Mount

$ 99.00

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