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Golf Simulator Online Game Software


Buy TGC Full 2019 version

$ 999.00



Please note that when purchasing TGC software, GSA Golf do not offer any return policy

as ProTee stipulates that all purchases of TGC are final and no return policy applies

The Golf Club software Video 1

in action with GSA Golf camera tracking systems

Here's the first of many videos featuring "The Golf Club" software with our camera tracking systems

The Golf Club Video 2

Many thanks to Keith in Canada for posting this on YouTube

Click on the above image to see game play methods.

Note: These methods also apply to the software when using GSA Golf camera systems

Create your own golf courses using the free Greg Norman course designer

What to do after you have purchased The Golf Club software

Step 1

Click the above image to download and install TGC server software

Step 2

Click the above image to register your TGC server software

with the supplied Activation code sent to you after purchasing

Step 3

After registering your TGC server, a License key will be sent to you.

Note : Please allow up to 24 hours for this key to be sent to you

Copy and paste this key into the License Key field.

Step 4

Click the "Start Server" button

Step 5

Select The Golf Club in the GSA Golf Control Panel

and make sure you see the "TGC Connected" message

Step 6

then go back to the TGC Server and select "Start game"


Click above image to see more great TGC course screen shots



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