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GSA Golf Standard Size screens

Note: Current lead time for screens is around 7 to 10 days

Screen material

Screen creases and folds

Note that all screens (like all other screens from other manufacturers ) that are shipped folded,

will show creases and folds in the screen for the first weeks.

Over time, these creases and folds in the screen should slowly disappear

Screen dents after ball impact

Like all other golf impact screens, small ball impact dents in the screen may appear in the screen.

These too should eventually disappear

Note: Current lead time for custom made screens is around 10 to 14 days

When ordering impact screens,

drop us an email stating what size (height and width) you require and the space you have (width and height) for the screen with the frame.

All screens are custom made to your size requirements.

Screen warranties

Note that all golf impact screens have a limited life span and, while screens should last many years, they will eventually wear out.

Like all other golf impact screen manufactures, GSA Golf offer no warranties on the durability and life span of the screens.

Screen edging

Additional Velcro Loop edge finish: $ 99

Additional Flap edge finish: $ 169


see further below to purchase foam for flaps

Bungee cords

Set of 50 bungee cords: $ 90

Note: Standard screens do not come with bungee cords unless ordered.

Warning: All screens have to be attached to whatever frame you are using via bungees

in order to allow for give in the screen during ball impact.

Do not attach screens directly to a frame with cable ties or screws.

Doing this will likely cause the screen to rip and tear

Screen frame tube fittings

Set of 12 impact screen box frame tube fittings

8 F3 + 2 FT + 2 F4

$ 329.00

Note: this is just the frame fittings. You'll still require the 14 x 1 inch diameter conduit tubing from your local hardware store.

Set of 6 impact screen single frame tube fittings

(i.e. 4 x L corners and 2 FC joins)

4FL + 2 FC

$ 189.00

Please note !

Screen sizes include the 2.5” edging and grommets that go all around the screen.

i.e. the size is not just the white part of the screen.

So take this into account when ordering your screen size.

Size 8'x8'

Standard screen : $ 205

Preferred screen $ 329

Premium screen $ 490

Size 8'x10.5'

Standard screen : $ 259

Preferred screen $ 439

Premium screen $ 649

Size 8'x12'

Standard screen : $ 399

Preferred screen $ 599

Premium screen $ 799

Size 9'x9'

Standard screen : $ 349

Preferred screen $ 449

Premium screen $ 599

Size 9'x 12'

Standard screen : $ 429

Preferred screen $ 599

Premium screen $ 799

Size 9'x 14'

Standard screen : $ 449

Preferred screen $ 699

Premium screen $ 829

Size 9'x 16'

Standard screen : $ 499

Preferred screen $ 699

Premium screen $ 979

Size 10'x 16'

Standard screen : $ 539

Preferred screen $ 699

Premium screen $ 1,049

Screen frames

Need a frame?

Click above image to read more about screen frames

Pipe padding

Use foam pipe insulation or swim noodles

Net extensions








Foam frame bumpers

Use these foam inserts to protect direct ball contact to the screen frame

$ 399.00



Golf Bays Simulator enclosures with impact screens from $ 1,999.00

(click above to read more...)


Hi! I'm Martin Paul Gardiner

Electronics and software development engineer and founder of GSA Golf

Regularly check out my tech news page for all our latest developments and free updates

if you have any questions

please feel free to contact me personally anytime at

International customers - Outside the US - Please note!

Please note: GSA Golf is not responsible for any import customs duties or brokerage fees that may be due for your order when arriving at the border.

All such customs duties and brokerage fees must be paid by the recipient.

There is also an additional $100 to $300 shipping charge

(depending on your country and weight of the product) for any product exported outside the US.



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