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from $ 4,999

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Note that the Mevo+ also features a swing playback camera.

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FlightScope Mevo+

$ 1,999

Mevo+ with Budget Enclosure

Mevo+ with 12x9x5 Premium screen Enclosure

(Flooring not included)

$ 3,499

Mevo+ with Pro Enclosure

$ 4,999

12' wide - 9' high - 5ft deep

(Flooring not included)

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12' wide - 9' high - 10ft deep

(Flooring not included)

$ 5,499

Mevo+ with GSA Golf Drape Enclosure

$ 8,999

Flooring and raised stance mat system included

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Mevo+ advantages over the SkyTrack system


If you are considering purchasing either the Mevo+ or the SkyTrak system and are wondering what the main differences are,

here are the main reasons to purchase the Mevo+ over the SkyTrak

1. The Mevo system functions for both left and right handed players without the requirement to move the system

2. The Mevo system has almost zero lag time between ball strike and ball launch in the game software.

In contrast, the SkyTrak has a - comparatively - very long lag time (up to 4 seconds as far as we have seen)

3. To the best of our knowledge, the Mevo system is far more accurate than the SkyTrak.

For these 3 basic reasons alone, the Mevo+ system is by far the better system and by far the better choice in our opinion.

Mevo+ comparison videos

Mevo+ vs Skytrak video

Mevo+ vs Uneekor EYE XO

Mevo+ vs Trackman

Mevo+ vs GC3 - part 1

Mevo+ vs GC3 - part 2

Mevo+ what's in the box

Radar balls


The GSA Studio drape enclosure

Click above image to read more about GSA Drape Enclosures

The GSA Golf Studio enclosure is custom made to fit your size requirements.

4:3 standard screen ratio or 16:9 wide screen ratio

The GSA Pro enclosure is self standing

Click above to read more about the GSA Pro Enclosure starting at just $2,999

Fiberbuilt Golf mat systems